386th Marine Corps

386th Marine Corps Specialised in assaulting outposts with unique strategies and siege tactics. They were lead by their commander: CC-7382 Nicknamed Carver and Jedi Knight Kaila Sereen and her master Faren Apressa. They had white armor with red and light grey markings. They were working mostly with heavy ordenance and tanks such as TX-130s, AT-TEs and BARC Speeders.


During the first battle of Geonosis the 386th were tasked with escorting 2 AT-TE platoons to take out a separatist outpost. after a underestimated CIS force and 5 hours of intense Fighting the first AT-TE platoon gets destroyed by long range missiles that the CIS had managed to get operative. The second AT-TE Platoon gets wiped out except for one tank, which gets disabled after having a missile miss the AT-TE but blow up under the AT-TE disabling all of the legs, The top canon was still working and the regiment did their best to protect the tank that was a sitting duck in the desert fields. After a well placed shot by the AT-TE the top cannon blew a hole in the fortress gate which allowed to the troopers to swarm the outpost and take out the artillery that was on the outpost. After the battle they got the AT-TE repaired and fully working again. They painted it with the color of their battalion and painted the word "Grizzly" on the sides. A Bear claw was painted on all the vehicles the Marine Corps used in their regiment and the AT-TE allways the first into battle to take up the front and guide the regiment to victory.

During the clone wars the 386th Marine Corps were fighting a lot in the outer rim but also mid-core when needed. They were assisting in the invasion of Cato Neimodia, Saleucami, Felucia and holding the imporant planet of Ord Mantell.

known members
CC - 7382 "Carver"
CC - 6665 "Karak"
CT - 9722 "Jinx"
CT - 0303 "Rocket"
CT - 5547 "Snapshot"
CT - 1084 "Pac"
CT - 4387 "Charger"
CT - 4444 "Cleaner"
CT - 7387 "Ghost"
CT - 5121 "Magpit"
CT - 9887 "Hammer"
CT - 5141 "Scrapper"
CT - 3689 "Karma"
CT - 9742 "Lancer"

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